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Persecution Has Caused Teens To Leave Church

on July 5, 2013

It seems as if the American church is dying. If you go into churches today, you will likely see more grey heads than you will a full and thriving youth group. What is the reason for all of this you may ask? It has a lot to do with persecution. A study that was done by the Liberty Institute and Family Research Council has concluded that the reason we are seeing a decline in church youth groups today is directly related to the persecution and hostility today’s youth are facing in the world.

It is noted that up to 80% of typical church youth members leave the church once they become college age and never return. The future of church is directly affected by this and is in danger of dying out as a result. Christian youth today are not being raised by their family as much as they are being raised by media. We all know that media is typically non Christian and therefore this is not good that our kids are being sucked in by it. It is very hard for Christian parents these days to compete with the American culture that is non-Christian and biased on so many topics.

Even Christian kids these days are starting to wonder if people are really born gay. It’s really sad to see this happening before our eyes and to think there is nothing we can do about it. There is something we can do as Christian families however. We can begin to once again eat dinner together around the kitchen table. I know this sounds very small but it is actually a very smart way of turning around the situation at hand. Try it tonight and let’s make a difference one family at a time!

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