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What To Do When You Are Being Persecuted

on July 5, 2013

First of all you need to count it a blessing if you are being persecuted for being a Christian. In the world in which we live, there are very few things we can look up to and believe in besides God almighty. In this blog post we will discuss what you can do when you are suffering from persecution.

Be sure to give thanks to God for your persecution and be willing to show others that you are not going to be defeated by this persecution. You need to be able to stand strong in your faith and not be swayed by others trying to bully you out of it. By giving thanks to God for your persecution you are not only showing those around you that you will not be swayed but you are also showing that God is stronger than anything they can throw your way. You may even find that some people will want to know more about your God as a result of your steadfastness.

No matter what type of persecution you are under, always remember to stand strong in your beliefs. Even if you continue to be persecuted and life becomes totally unbearable you need to remember that this is not your home and that God has a place for you in Heaven that He will reward you with one day so rejoice!

Remember that God will deliver you from all persecution and that you will not have to suffer forever. God will never leave you or forsake you so you do not have to be afraid when the persecution gets hard. You can do all things with Christ and He will give you the power to do it!

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