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Why Is Christian Persecution Ignored?

on June 30, 2014

You hear all sorts of things on the news these days but none of them have anything to do with Christian persecution. You may wonder why this is true and so do I. The fact is that the world seem to care more about what gadget is hot and who is dating whom than who is being killed for their religious beliefs. It’s sad but true that neither the media nor anyone else these days cares about you, but it’s time to shed some light on things. The fact is things like a seven year old slave boy in Sudan being crucified on a board and left for dead by his owner simply because he snuck out to go to a church service and teenage girls in Indonesia walking to their Christian High school were murdered Islamic jihadists and their heads left on the steps of the church happen all the time in the world in which we live.

Perhaps we can go back to the Bible to find out why Christian persecution is not highlighted in the world today. The bible says that “if the world hates you, remember that the world hated me before it hated you and because you are not of this world, the world hates you.”

One of the reasons why Christian are persecuted in this world in which we live is because many Christina lifestyles are a constant reminder that folks are living in sin and people don’t like to be reminded of that. Folks don’t like to think about all they are doing that is sinful because that may make them feel bad about themselves. This world needs major prayer and we should all do our part to make sure it is covered in it!

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