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New Worrisome Asylum Law

on July 5, 2013

A few months back a German family came to the United States seeking Asylum from the German law that they cannot home school their children. The family came from Germany to the United States because they knew that they could apply for asylum and may be able to continue to home school their children as a result.

The thing that is worrisome about this is that once they got to the US they were originally granted the Asylum application, but after some time the Board of Immigration Appeals decided to deny this German families Asylum application. The court stated that because home schooling is not allowed in Germany that the German family was not being persecuted and should therefore not have any need for Asylum.

The court stated that because the German government doesn’t allow homeschooling they were simply abiding by their own rules when enforcing heavy fines on this family.

This is all very worrisome to me because as a homeschooling mother I do not want to see anything like this happen in America. You never know where things may lead but for now it is quite legal to home school in America and is actually something that a lot of Americas take part in. I don’t foresee this ever happening in the land of the free and the home of the brave but I also haven’t foreseen a lot of the persecution that goes on in our great nation either.

It is my hope that this German family will continue to home school their children regardless of the law and that God protects them while doing so. God speed to them and blessings on them for what they are trying to accomplish!

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