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What About Christian Rights?

It would seem that everywhere you turn these days there are cries for equal rights and freedom of speech. Some of the loudest speakers are the ones that speak out in favor of gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, and so on. Let me be clear. Every group of people just mentioned deserves to have equal rights in the United States. There is no reason that a group should be maligned simply because they are different. However, the biggest issue in this drama is not the lack of rights given to a minority but the lack of rights given to a large majority. Who has the biggest target on their back? When you begin to dissect the issues at hand it becomes very clear that the group which is not receiving their rights is the Christian’s. Allow me to explain.

When another group comes up demanding new rights or equal rights, it usually comes with the premise that the Christians are threatening their rights. A great example would be the right to life versus the abortionist groups. Those in favor of abortion will say that Christians are targeting them and that they need to move on. Lets break it down a little further. Christians are known for making strong stands and even stronger statements. Christians believe in absolutes and they believe that the Bible is their road map in this life. For this reason Christians are known for taking a stand against things such as gay marriage and abortion. My question is why they cannot have an opinion? Why is it that every other opinion is allowed but there opinion is not allowed? Why are the Christians called intolerant when in fact the rest of the world is intolerant of Christians?

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A Christian Perspective on the Syria Situation

We are just days away from watching the United States Congress take a vote on whether or not to take military action in Syria. Our president is adamant that this is the best decision, but the vast majority of Americans vehemently disagree. I have spent a lot of time studying the situation in Syria and I thought I would share my thoughts on it from a Christian perspective.

First of all, let’s look at what’s happening in Syria right now. The Assad regime is undeniably cruel and no one doubts that this leader is not good for either Syria as a nation or for relations in the Middle East. However, Al Qaeda is heading the rebel uprising in Syria. These are the same Islamic extremists that are executing Christians by the thousands. They are brutally beating people including women and children. They are torching churches throughout the Middle East and proudly working towards an Ethnic cleansing to eliminate all Jews and Christians.

A few weeks ago, a chemical attack in Syria left thousands dead, including a lot of children. According to our president, this attack was carried out by the Assad regime. However, much of the world says the rebels were responsible. Now our president wants us to take action against Assad by basically pairing up with the Al Qaeda rebel forces. Since when does America fight on the side of Islamic extremists? Since when do you help the people that are burning churches and publicly executing Christians in brutal ways?

As a Christian, I call for the United States to stand down. I fear that we are facing a red line of a whole different kind right now… the red light of God’s judgment.

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