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Teaching Kids about Religious Persecution

on May 17, 2015

When I had kids, I knew that there would be many things that I would have to teach my children. From riding a bike and tying their shoes to how to drive and fill the car up with gas, I knew the list was long. But there was one thing that I guess I never expected to have to talk to my kids about and that is religious persecution. We should learn in our history classes about how many different religions were persecuted in the past and how it still takes place in a lesser form today.

But is it really any less of an issue today. I thought so, but I am learning that that may not be the case. What I am talking about is how one of my kid’s friends was bullying on the bus for his religion. This may not even come close to what happened to so many people in Germany years ago, but it is a form of religious persecution. Bullying kids is bad enough and I don’t know what to tell my son about why people do this, but when it involves religion, I really have no idea how to explain it.

The best thing that I can think of is to tell my son that everyone is different and we should embrace those differences because they are what make us unique. But sometimes there are people who don’t like that other people are different and that is sad. We need to show everyone that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. He knows that the best way to teach something is to lead by example. Bullying because of religious beliefs or for any other reason is not something that should be tolerated.

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